It all started with "Mom" hassles

"Today, all of us run on the clock. Especially as a woman, We juggle between many responsibilities on personal and professional fronts. We stride ahead in life winning small battles and bagging big wins. Does our health match our pace? Do we leave it far behind even to realize until it’s too late?

When you are pressed against time, you often go with something quick and convenient. Similarly, I hopped on the smoothie routine to refuel my body every morning and my both Kids caught up quickly (Obviously they want to copy everything) . They grabbed onto smoothies, although with a catch, “The Choosiness”. The smoothies were fulfilling but were they delicious and nutritional? Not every time!

I kept wondering how I can add nutrition without compromising its delicious taste and make this smoothie game top notch. I kept on adding different nutrient dense foods into my smoothie but it was just too much hassle for my mornings (Imagine opening 10 jars when you are running on the clock). Accidentally one day, I ended up adding a staple homemade snack ball into a smoothie made by my mom using a recipe passed down from the generations. Voila! It tasted amazing and that’s how the seed of Krave Plus was planted. 

There is an old saying in Sanskrit “लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु (English: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu)” meaning “Let the entire world be happy”, 

We are beyond excited to share this generation's old recipe packed into magic balls that will give the energy, nutrition and immunity boost your body is craving for. Something that you can trust completely, even blindly, dare we say!

Let this be the spark that ignites your journey towards a happy and healthy life."